Level Up In Life

Welcome to our exciting, fun new edutainment game, Level Up In Life. Take a journey from Level 3 qualifications (A levels and BTEC) through choosing a University course, completing a degree and getting started in a graduate career. Along the way, practise avoiding distractions (and practise your concentration at the same time!), solve dilemmas you might come across in student life and find out about a wide range of possible careers you might never have considered.

Once you have lots of ideas from playing Level up in Life, check out your own possible journey to find out what works best for you (it’s a game after all, not giving you advice!). It’s up to you to find out about the qualifications that will give you the best chance of getting into the career you want! Talk to your Careers Advisor and follow the links below to find out lots of information to help you make an informed choice.

  • What's your dream job?

    Have you ever thought about the path you need to take and the
    subjects you'll need to study along the way to get there?

    Welcome to Level-Up in Life... a game designed to get you thinking about A-Levels,
    University Degrees and Careers. Choose a character and guide them on their
    journey through Higher Education before finally applying for a career.

    Remember to think carefully because your choices will impact the
    selections you’ll be able to make further down the line.

    Good luck and have a great life!

  • Character Bio

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    • Maths
    • Electronics
    • Computing

    Transferable Skills:

    UCAS Score:
  • Your grades are worth: 
    UCAS Points

    Unfortunately this may not be enough to get straight onto your chosen course.

    However, don’t worry! A lot of Universities now offer you the chance to take a foundation year before moving onto your degree as they are a good way to get the skills and knowledge you need to do well on your degree.

    If you're accepted onto or offered a foundation year, it means you didn’t get the grades to get onto the first year of the degree, or maybe you don’t have quite the right subjects, but you have shown that you could do well with a bit of extra practice.

    It is an extra year of study, but you can get funding for it, especially where you progress straight onto the main degree when you pass the year.

  • Your grades are worth: 
    UCAS Points

    UCAS points are based on the grades you get for your Level 3 qualifications and the better your results are, the higher your UCAS score is.

    Universities may specify a certain UCAS score or certain grades as minimum entry requirements for courses, especially where there is high demand for places, to make sure new students are able to cope with the demands of the course.

    Always check with the universities you are applying to in order to see what the entry requirements are.

  • Let's set the scene...

    You’ve studied hard and finally completed your exams. You feel amazing. The world is at your feet as your enter the next stage of your education. Think carefully about which University Degree you would like to apply for as it could eventually set you up for your dream career.

    Remember, you may need to have studied certain to be able to apply for certain University degree courses so think hard about what it is that you would like to study and why. If you don’t have the correct , you may be given the option to take an additional foundation year so that you are then eligible to study your chosen degree.

    Good luck!

  • Sorry, unfortunately you lack the required to study...

    [Course Name Here]

  • You have been accepted into the University of your choice to study...

    [Course Name Here]

  • Welcome to University! The next few years of your life are going to be really interesting.

    There will be so many new things for you to learn and experience so try to make the most of the opportunity as you embark on this next chapter of your life.

    University is also a great opportunity to make new friends and form lifelong connections with your fellow students from different backgrounds and cultures.

    Now its time to balance having fun and buckling down to concentrate on your studies. Help your brain to avoid all the distractions for over 30 seconds to as you make your way through your studies!

    Good luck!


    Press SPACE to jump!
    Press DOWN to duck!

  • Oh dear! You have an exam tomorrow and you haven’t done any revision yet. It’s your friend’s birthday and they want you to come to the pub. What do you do?

    Go out with them and enjoy yourself. Your friend only has one birthday a year and you’ve got loads more exams coming up to make up for it.

    Tell them sorry and that you’ll make it up to them. You prepare yourself for a night of revision. Aer all it’s better to do it late than never!

  • Congratulations, you made it through University and came out with a great result and even greater life experience. All the hard work has finally paid off and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Now it’s time to start looking for a career.

    Depending on what you have studied, you may be able to apply for all sorts of surprising jobs that you may not have even considered before. Take a look at your options and see if there’s something out there that you think suits you. With your qualifications you may be pleasantly surprised to see that you are eligible for a great deal more jobs than you thought possible.

    But remember that not every single career is going to be suitable for you. There are some career paths that require specific training at degree level so think hard about what you've studied before clicking to apply for certain jobs.

    Now get online, brush up your CV and start job hunting!

  • Unfortunately it looks like you don't have the necessary qualifications to apply for the following job: .

    But don't worry, there are still hundreds of careers out there that you can apply for. Lots of employers are more interested in your skills than your degree subject so you’ll be amazed at what career options there are for you! Try applying for a career you may not have even thought was possible, you might just be surprised with the result!

  • You passed your University degree and landed your dream job: . You’re amazing!
    Well done in this game! Over to you now – you need to see what’s actually out there. Research your higher education options and the careers it can lead to and see where your education journey takes you.
    For a new challenge, play again with a different character (or click on the customise button!) and discover a new and surprising range of career options that might be available to you. So, play again and see what happens...
    If you have any questions or would like any more information to do with A-Levels, University Degrees and Careers, don't hesitate to get in touch.
    [email protected]. | aspire-higher.co.uk